So. I was riding yesterday during high traffic hour. Not the best time to ride I know. But hey, I had my @sarahstanley t-shirt on, so it was a promo ride at least.

As I was coming up on an intersection, I decided to take go through the parking lot & not wait at the light. Sweet! I bypassed all the traffic. And was even lucky at the 2nd light. Double sweetness! Its nice to be on a bike!

So, I bet you are wondering how in the world am I going to turn this into a thought driven post. Good. Glad you are wondering:)

The thought is this. Do we see potential things ahead & avoid them or think we are smart enough to drive (sorry for the pun, couldn't resist) right through them?

Life is made up of smart and unwise detours. Some help us. Others don't. Sometimes we don't always see the traffic light ahead. Or we see (or feel) a "red flag" and go on the same course anyway. Its how we USE the detours that life presents us with that makes the us the person we are.

Trust me. I have wished many times that I saw the red light ahead & didn't turn around sooner. Its hard to see up ahead sometimes. But if we learn how to use detours for good, we will be able to make wiser AND smarter choices in our life.

As I was making the detour on the bike I was thinking how good it felt to be missing that light. Because I took a few seconds to stop & think about the future (even if it was only a few minutes) it was a wise choice.

You see, I avoided an accident. If I had gone on ahead, I would have been stuck (and yes, also upset). It doesn't always turn out like this, but when it does, well, it rocks. Bottom line? To learn & use detours for good. Oh, and its good to be a bike.

Photo by josefstuefer