Sarah Stanley InspiredIt's 5 O'clock somewhere and today we will celebrate that hour. All day. Aren't you lucky:) One year ago (May 11, 2009) the online vision of my life became a reality (with MANY thanks to Meghan for making it happen).

If you are new to my site, welcome. Now go run a mile. Well, maybe in a few minutes:). This is site is about empowering, inspiring and motivating you. If I can put my body thru hell, then my prayer is that it will give you the courage to go out and live a happy, healthy life. Deal?

Ready to party? Great!

When: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time: 8am EST to 6pm EST

Place: Facebook Fan pages and Twitter


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#3) Twitter:  During the times mentioned above send a creative post to me on Twitter (@sarahstanley)

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#5) Send a witty post to @sarahstanley and include @athletesmilk, @aquahydrate or @zensah

Fine print details:  Winners will be selected randomly. Winners will be based on class participation. For those that RT, you'll increase the chances of winning.

What are you playing for? A bunch of hot prizes!

Athlete's HoneyMilk



Reno Running & Fitness

Map My Fitness

(more to be added)

Athletes HoneyMilk

Zensah Aqua Hydrate