Monday night I was invited to an event in NYC the following Thursday. I am on a very tight budget. More like no budget at all. I really wanted to go, but the only way I could go is if someone was able to provide a bus or a train ticket. Then I remembered. Let me back up.

2 weeks ago Was driving downtown (DC) and Google gave me the wrong directions. I had to turn around and doing so landed me in the heart of Dupont Circle. I happened to see a man on the side of the street with his car hood up. I rolled down my window & asked if he needed help. He indeed did & a simple jump got him on the way again. The sad thing is that he waited for 30 minutes. Not ONE person stopped to help him. That made me mad I have to say.

However, he was one of the people that runs the DC 2 NYC bus. He gave me a round trip ticket.

So back to the present. After spending Tuesday trying to figure out how I was getting up to NYC, I remembered the tickets. Score! I am staying with a girl friend. Bringing food/snacks from home.

Funny how things work out. Wrong directions seemed very frustrating at the time, but I am now thankful. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to go to NYC today.

Its also a lesson confirming that what I am doing is right.

Cheers to going with the flow!

Photo by Davidography