Have you ever had a hard decision to make? One where you really, really, really needed the money but the still quiet voice of integrity kept reminding you that life is more important than selling your soul?

Earlier today I had to make a hard decision to make. Money or integrity. As a freelancer, jobs are always needed. And because money doesn’t grow on trees, every penny is welcome.

When I heard who the client would be, my heart sunk. I’ve spoken out about them. Written about the industry as a whole. And don’t hold back my beliefs when talking about this particular group. They do not align with my nutrient-dense and real food beliefs. At all.

I called a friend (thanks, Justin!) and we talked about it. As we chatted, I knew the decision was obvious. No, it wasn’t a moral decision. But it wouldn’t fit with what I believe in, stand and advocate for. It would’ve been easy to take the job and use the reason because I needed the money. Money is a poor excuse. But oh-so-easy to use!

But integrity is important to me. And integrity will follow me wherever I go. Once you make one exception, it is easier to make more of them. Reputation follows integrity and integrity follows values. Other jobs will come along, but integrity is at the core of who I am.

Yes, I had to turn down a freelance gig. But in the process I reminded myself that sleeping in peace is richer than money in the bank at the end of the day.

Your turn! Have you ever had a integrity decision to make? Have you ever gone against it? Leave a comment below!


Photo credit: Sarah J. Poe

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