Catchy title, right? Now before you get your panties in a wad, this is not a how-to article on being a better lover in the romantic sense. But that could be a side benefit of what you're about to read. The last few weeks I've been listening to the new song The Proof of Your Love by for King & Country. (If you haven't heard it go download it right now!) I've been replaying the song in my head during my swims, runs, lifting weights, cooking, eating, taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen- you get the idea. So much of our-my-life is focused on being a better runner, athlete, entrepreneur, yogi, Christian, cook, philanthropist, writer- but none of that matters if I don't have love. Love for everyone. My haters. The people that have wronged me. The people that I have hurt. The good people in my life. The mean people. The strangers. The annoying people. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E!!

If I run 100 miles but don't have love, my steps have no impact.

If I have the perfect headstand (which I assure you I do not) but don't have love, the beauty of the pose is lost.

If I bake the most amazing grain-dairy-gluten-egg-soy free cake (which is pretty tasty, I have to admit) but don't have love, the cake will have no flavor.

If I'm fit but don't have love, my strength is weak.

Yes, I want to be a better athlete and cook and entrepreneur and headstander  (just made that word up) and so much more. But if my life doesn't show the world the love of my Saviour it doesn't matter if I'm the best athlete/yogi/runner/writer/cook on the planet.

The chorus of the song has these words: "let my life be the proof of your love. Let my love look like you. How you lived. How you died."

My new goal for life? To be a better lover- to let my love look like how Jesus lived and died. Will you join me? Leave a comment below if you do!


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