I love interaction. I love asking questions. I love thinking (that's not a surprise:)). I try to ask a daily question to my Twitter followers. And I love sweets. Duh, don't we all?! It may come as a surprise to you, but I struggle with food. Mainly sweets. I like chocolate brownies, cake, chocolate chip cookies. See the theme? Yeah, it's bad. We ALL know that I have the determination to do pretty much anything. But why are sweets so damn hard to "say no to"?! So with that I asked my question "what is your biggest challenge when it come eating the right food?". Here are some of the responses I received.

Ali: "My Effin sweet tooth"

Rachel: "The bad food you could be eating instead!"

Brian: "The bad foods are so good and way too easy to get!"

Ryan: "Having the time to cook vs the cost of having fresh all the time"

Liz: "Portion control. Oh and chocolate. I swear my body begs for it daily!"

Ashley: "Portion size!"

Kate: "Peanut Butter!"

Tyler: "Fresh food spoils too quickly and leftovers get old after a day or two"

Roxy: "Peppermint Latte from Starbucks"

Jason: "Other people. For some reason people like to try & get me to eat badly"

Oliva: " Ditto! Portion control is my downfall! I will eat the healthiest foods, just too much because I love it all!"

Nathaniel: "The time it takes to prepare fresh and healthy meals every day. It's hard to take time for yourself!"

Luau: "Getting my family to eat the same way I do"

Julie: "Portion size!"

Zoe: "The fact I love to bake cakes!"

Any: "Time. Or lack of it."

Jen: "Boredom, Mexican food and office snacks are my downfall. Not necessarily in that order."

Nahlan: "All the saboteurs in my family."

I love the responses. Some of them are SO true. How often does someone give you an "excuse" to eat something that you know you shouldn't? They convince you that you earned it ("you just ran 200 miles in an hour" or "you went to the gym, you deserve a treat" or "you only live once"). These are awesome reasons to eat whatever what is on your spoon. Or fork.

But here is the fact of the matter. In 9 years, did you know that the number one cause of death in the USA will be obesity? Yes, you only live once, but let's live our life healthy. And with purpose. So here is what I am going to do. I invite you to join me:)

#1) Every time I am tempted to have something "bad" I will ask myself, will this make me faster on race day?

#2) If I had a Bikini shoot tomorrow, would I be ready?

#3) If a Navy SEAL were next to me, would I eat this?

#4) I am setting an example to all around me. Will this be positive?

#5) Knowing the feeling of the satisfaction, pride & determination that I said no.

Quick note. I am NOT saying to NEVER have chocolate. I am not saying to be a size zero. It's all about balance. It's a lifestyle. Makes yours healthy.

Sweetie, I love you, but only on birthday's. Or Christmas.

Photo by Chotda