Think positive people are always happy? While I have a good outlook on life, some days I get tired. Weary. Discouraged. Everything seems to be going right for everyone else but me. It seems like good things are happening to everyone but me. Nothing seems to be going right. For someone who so desperately wants to help others, this is discouraging.

Don’t get me wrong, there is much to be thankful for. But whenever you pursue the goals to help others [live a healthy life or entrepreneurship] there will be push-back, critics, disappointments, setbacks. When life is raining sadness, disappointment, heartache, uncertainty; it can be hard to go on. Remember this: stay tough.

I have not had an easy life (when you read my book slated to be published in the Spring of 2014 you’ll see what I mean). The last few years alone have pretty rough. I’ve had people stab me in the back and chest, gossip about me, financial stress, lack of money (money doesn't make you happy, but it sure does make stress bearable), major setbacks, countless moves- it’s been enough to sink seven ships. But I’m clinging to the hope and faith that I’ll survive this seemingly never ending storm.

Probably the worst thing you can do is pretend everything is fine when things aren't. I'm not saying to always be down in the dumps, but sometimes you just have to call it like it is. This is real life. It's not a reality TV show. We're not perfect people; we're broken people. We're hurting people that just need a hug and a cup of  (plant-based) hot chocolate.

There are days ahead of me that I don't how I'll get through. I'm guessing you probably have some of them too. What shall we do? Fight. Fight to stay afloat. Fight to get through another minute, hour, day, week, month. And at the same time find peace in the midst of the chaos.

Final encouragement? This too shall pass. It may not feel like it, but storms don’t last forever, only persistent and determined people. Stay in the game! Join me in staying in the game!

Photo credit: JSmith Photo