Monday mornings – they are never easy. We wake up after a weekend that never seems long enough and chug down a cups of coffee to help us get going for the day.  Simple solution right?   No. Using coffee and other methods of energy such as 5 Hour Energy drinks only produced spikes of energy, instead of long lasting energy.   To lessen the dependency on coffee and other sources for energy throughout the day, consider eating for fuel instead.

In order to achieve the right kind of energy to power through Monday mornings and sluggish days, what we eat plays a vital role. To help create long lasting energy throughout the day instead a spikes of energy consider these tips:

1.)    Control portions – portions play a significant role and your energy throughout the day. To determine what size portions to eat per meal use your hand as a visual reference:  carb portions should be no more than the size of your fist, the palm to measure your protein, and the size of your thumb for fats and veggie portions are endless.

2.)    Choose Quality Foods – The more natural the food the better.  Try to refrain from eating artificial foods, refined cards and sugars.  Choose foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as spinach, kale, apples, fish and others

3.)    Maintain a balance – To optimize your performance levels throughout the day don’t eliminate any food groups.  Eating a good balance in foods filled with protein, vegetables, carbs and healthy fats is key to keeping energy levels high.  If your diet is not balanced it leads to fat storage and dropped energy levels.

4.)    Eat frequently – It’s easy to get bogged down during the day at work with meetings, phone calls and other distractions, but avoid running on empty for long periods of time.  Instead eat between meals with healthy snacks.  By continuing to recharge the body every 2 to three hours with food your body will stay energized and fueled for the day.


Start easing off coffee and fuel up your body with quality foods to provide you will endless energy throughout the day.  Your body will thank you.


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