Have you ever struggled to be a positive influence at work? We received this great question from a reader recently and thought it was a fantastic one! It can be challenging to be the positive, healthy, happy, ever-cheerful person in the middle of a grumpy, unhealthy, sad workplace. You probably already know how uncomfortable it is. Negative people like to sabotage, discourage your healthy habits, convince you that "just one won't hurt" and make sarcastic comments about your healthy lifestyle. It's important to remember that those people wish they had the courage to do what you are doing. When people feel threatened by positive people, it is amazing what behaviorial traits come out! 

So what can you do to remain calm, cool and collected in a chaotic, negative, stress-filled environment? Here are five ways to keep positive! 

1) Be approachable! Don't force anything. People are noticing your positive example whether you know it or not. The important part is to keep living it. People will naturally be curious as you drink chia water or eat kale chips. Invite conversation. Avoid a debate, let your life and healthy actions speak for itself.

2) Be yourself! Be natural. Live your life and don't make exceptions or excuses for how you are living a positive, healthy life. Go about your work with a cheerful attitude. Sure, some days might be tough and rough, but your attitude determines how you react. People are watching for how you will respond. Respond with a positive perspective that will knock their socks off!

3) Be prepared! You know you're going to get comments, questions and slack for living a healthy, positive life, so be prepared. Just like the president, or anyone for that matter, prepares for a media event, so can you prepare for questions that you know you'll be asked. Get your responses prepared now! When people say "that's crazy" after they hear I run 50 miles and 100 miles I reply "crazy awesome." When people ask me "isn't it expensive to eat healthy?" I reply "it's lot better then being paying to be sick!" By thinking and anticipating what you will be asked and preparing your answers ahead of time, you won't be shaken. They will :). 

4) Be happy! Don't live a healthy, positive life with a chip on your shoulder. Embrace and love the life you are living - because you want to. Not because you have to. You'll get a lot of slack if you live a half-enthusiastically positive, healthy life. Live it 500 percent. Wholeheartedly. Don't complain because you can't eat/drink that. Or you have to run x miles on a weekend morning. Be happy that you GET TO live a healthy, happy life!

5) Be inviting! Invite room for discussion, conversation, dialogue. Perhaps invite them over for a healthy meal. Or a run. Or yoga. Or go to the farmer's market together. Does your co-worker have kids? Why not suggest a child-friendly hike or playground date with your family? They might say no, but keep on inviting them. The seed is planted, you just have to keep watering it.

Food for thought: what if your positive, healthy, happy life could change the world? 

Question: Do you encounter people who aren't supportive of your positive, healthy life? What is your response?

peace, sweat, love: life


photo credit: sam catch sides