Over the last few months I've written a series called How I Eat. My theory behind this series is to show by example how I eat, live, breathe. In doing so, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I've received. And it goes to show you that you can make an impact by breathing and walking by example. You never know how your positive choice will help someone else. You may never know it and they may never share with you. Regardless, being a positive example- be it in health, food, fitness, faith, business to name a few- inspires others to do it too. And that is where change really happens.

Maybe you're in a line at Starbucks and you really, really, really want a cupcake. But you know you shouldn't. So you walk away with only a halfway sinful (sorry, couldn't resist) double shot-soy-no whip-extra shot of cinnamon-hold the sugar venti latte. Or whatever it's called. BUT, here is the point, you don't know how your resistance to temptation might have helped the person behind you in line.

All the positive little thing healthy things you do add up. Drinking water versus soda. Having kale instead of a donut. Yes, I know they aren't same, but your body sure will thank you. Just like the negative unhealthy things you do add up (pants suddenly don't fit?), so do the negative influence you have will too.

It has been a lot of fun to post photos of the meals I make, plan and eat. Even when on the road. It has been really neat to write about the food I eat and don't eat. And exposing the truth behind GMO and Monsanto. Food is more than just what I eat. Food is what everyone around me is eating too. And because I care so deeply about people, I put myself out there and share with you my personal food experiences, research and food facts. But I have to admit, I wonder if I'm making any headway. But isn't God great. Because just this past week someone sent me this message:

It was just the encouragement I needed. And it made me jump for joy. Seeing that people CAN change their health simply by what they eat. I'm not sharing this to brag, but to simply show that when you have a positive influence, people do watch you. People will change.

Not everyone will change, but those that do will be all the better for it. Feel like you aren't making positive difference? Let the above example prove to you that people are seeking positive examples. Positive change is what people are longing for.

So if you think you aren't making a positive health difference, you are. You just don't know it. Keep doing the right thing. Even if it is hard and people make fun of you. Because the people that make fun of you are secretly wishing they had the strength and courage to do what you are doing. Keep the (healthy) faith!

Food for thought #1: Has someone encouraged you to live healthy? Tell them.

Food for thought #2: Are you a positive, healthy, faithful example and feel discouraged? Keep at it. You never know who you are positively impacting.

peace, sweat, love: life


photo credit: Grakus Art

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