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Inspired Living

How do "friends" impact your life?

Sarah Stanley

Today I would like to feature a thought. And that thought is "friends". We all have friends in our lives. Some may have more then others, but the number doesn't matter. Its the relationship that does.

Thought #1) are the friends in your life positive or negative?

Thought #2) what kind of friend are you?

Thought #3) are you a friend only to receive something in return or because you care about them?

I don't know your answers, but these thoughts are some good reminders to think about. Sometimes we get so caught up in having "friends" but not really having a relationship that says "hey, I care about you" or "how are you, I mean HOW ARE you REALLY?" Or "what's going on in your life?"

Its the quality of a friendship that counts, not the quantity.

I am very blessed & extremely grateful & thankful to have many true friends in my life. However, I want to thank two dear friends in particular that came to my rescue this week.

It is because they cared about me that they reached out to me & genuinely wanted to make sure everything was ok. That my friends (no pun intended) is what a friend is all about! Thank you to C & M!!!! I am honored to have you a part of my life.

Photo by notsogoodphotography