If you are in the USA, Thanksgiving AND Christmas/ Hanukkah are right around the corner. It can be a stressful time of year. Not only keeping sane, but also eating right, working out and trying not to kill the relatives. However, that may not be your problem. You may just fall in the category of surviving the holidays.  I know just how you feel.

While I enjoy the festivities, the lights, the songs and the energy around this time of year, it can still be hard to face the actual holiday alone. While you never really "get used to it", with each passing year you grow a little bit stronger. And more creative on how to make the holidays suck less for those around you! 

Here are some of the things that have helped me and might help you.

1. Volunteer. Local rescue missons, nursing/adult homes, hospitals, running races, women's shelters (for women volunteers), military outreach... the places to go serve are endless! A lot of people spend the holiday alone. Go spend it with them! 

2. Bake/cook. Like to bake/cook? Why not prepare a meal and invite others to share it with you. Or take a meal over to someone who might be home-bound.

3. Write! If it is Thanksgiving, write Christmas cards or letters or birthday cards. I don't know- just write! Writing is therapeutic.

4. Move! Take a walk, run, ride your bike, do yoga in your living room, go for a hike, jump rope, skip- something that gets your blood flowing. Exercise creates LIFE in your body! You'll feel alive and ready to conquer whatever!

5. Reach out. Know someone that might be alone too? Reach out to them and go do something together! You might just be surprised at who is spending the holiday solo.

6. Clean. I know it may sound strange, but seriously there is nothing like cleaning or organizing a room. Gather stuff that you no longer need and take to a shelter later on.

7. RRR (Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate) Perhaps you just need to spend today in reflection of the past year. All the good things that have happened. What you can do in the coming year.  Maybe you just need a NAP. Rest does a body good!!

Those are 7 ways to help YOUR holiday not suck. The key is to have no expectations for the day. And for Pete's sake, don't feel sorry for yourself! Think of all the people that are stuck making fake small talk with people they can't stand. Also remember, it is ONLY one day. Use it wisely. You can't get it back! :)

Do you spend the holiday alone? What have you done? Leave positive tips below!

Peace, sweat and love life!


Photo credit: PaysImaginaire