So, I received a LOT of feedback on my "shoes, yay or nay part 1″. Let me first clear a few things up #1) I love bare feet! I grew up a barefoot girl and my feet were tough from walking on any surface (yup, had a few nails and some bad cuts from sharp rocks) so, let it be known, that I LOVE bare feet:)

#2) I wrote my THOUGHTS on the subject. If you are a barefoot runner, that is awesome!! I think that is great!!

#3) I also kept in mind that someone might be new to running/exercise and trying to lose weight, if I told them to go out & run barefoot they would end up with an injury. After they drop the weight, then they can see if barefoot running is for them. Heavier people getting back in shape need support from the "ground" up

#4) I thank you for your comments!

Happy running!!

Photo by luiginter