Today while at the gym I did a double take, no more like a triple take. I thought I was in the wrong place. Did I accidentally walk in to beauty pageant? A few women had more makeup on than Joan Rivers. I don't know who missed the memo, but clearly someone was in the wrong place. With that in mind, I asked my followers/friends on Twitter and Facebook what their biggest gym pet peeve was. I must have struck a nerve, I got a TON of replies. So I thought it would be fun to share them all in one place. What is yours? Share them!

  1. People not asking if you are done with a piece of equipment before they take it or jump on it. ~ Michael R
  2. Ladies who wear too much perfume. ~ Maddy H
  3. People not wiping down machines. ESPECIALLY those you head touches!! DISGUSTING!! ~ Brandon W
  4. People that take way too long using the equipment and don't share. ~ Renee
  5. People not wiping down the equipment after they're done! tsk tsk... ~EC
  6. Everyone's all like "I'm so hot and buff and at the gym." ~ Brian D
  7. Meatheads. ~ Kevin G
  8. Guys that make really LOUD noises, drop weights, etc. Slow, controlled, movements!!! ~ Brian H
  9. Grunting, spitting, and swearing. Meatheads are so annoying! ~ Megan K
  10. People who wear too much perfume or cologne. Yuck. ~ Erin K
  11. When people to wipe off the machine after they're finished...yuck!! ~ Adia A
  12. People talking on the phone while on the TM or elliptical. ~ Ari G
  13. Squeaky cardio machines. ~ Nathan H
  14. People who try to have whole conversations with me while I'm working out. Catch me before/after but pls not during my dropset. ~ Aleksandra S
  15. Women who go to the gym all done up with make up and guys screaming in the weight room. ~ Anthony M
  16. People who try to talk to me. Or worse, flirt. Alejandra O
  17. Folks not reracking the weighs they used. ~ Joy S
  18. Sweaty people not wiping down machines. Hate it. ~ Jeff W
  19. When people walk on the treadmill when its a beautiful day outside! ~ Brittney Z
  20. People who don't wipe down machines after use. GROSS. ~ Dacia C
  21. Gym pet peeve: Men who grunt, loudly, to indicate how tough they are. Esp. love it when I'm lifting more weight than they are! ~ Amy R
  22. 1) Weirdos staring at me while I/they work out! 2) Girls YAPPING NONSTOP while doing cardio! 3) Anyone blabbering away on cell phone! 4) Put a towel on for CRYING OUT LOUD! ~ Mike R
  23. I hate it when someone thinks they need to have 3 machines set up to rotate between, not letting anyone else in. ~ Scott S
  24. Not putting your equipment away or cleaning it off after they are done sweating on it. Gregg S
  25. The guy who walks buck naked in locker room then wants to carry on long conversation. ~ Steve S
  26. Skinny people looking at me funny 'cause I'm heavy... I'm at the gym, I'm working on it!! ~ Amanda B
  27. Hovering at a machine, or if I'm on the elliptical the creepy old guy staring. O.O. ~ Kerrie H
  28. I hate it when people just sit on the machines between sits. If you wanna chat, get off your butt and go chat. I want the machine!!!!!! ~ Glenn M
  29. People who wonder off on other equipment and come back and say they are using the equipment you are on.. Also the hoverers. And the grunters and groaners. Don't get me started..... ~ Jack E
  30. Not wiping up the sweat, I don't need to be in your sweat, or use my towel on your sweat. ~ Kevin K
  31. Dudes (and it is mostly dudes) who smell. ~RG
  32. People who do 10 mins of cario and drink a whole Gatorade. And people who flex in the mirror. ~ Shawn C
  33. People who grunt! ~ Thomas T
  34. Plumber's crack in yoga class. *ugh* pull it up, buddy. ~ Sarah R
  35. Guys who jump on the treadmill next to you and hit on you while you have your I-pod on AND a 2 carat wedding band on your hand. =0) ~ NR
  36. People who watch TV while sitting on a machine you want too use and they have their a$$ parked there forever! ~ NR
  37. Guys who stare. (well, maybe I kind of like that) hahahaha! Gina H
  38. Person picking machine right next to me when they are all open. Personal space, people!!! ~ Kat A
  39. LOUD GRUNTERS. ~ Desiree K
  40. People w cell phones...esp those hogging the benches. ~ Lindsay L
  41. People talking (YELLING) on their cellphones!! Ughhh. ~ Brian H
  42. Naked fake boobies in the locker room. (I know you paid a lot for them, but get them out of my face please!!) ~ Stacey M
  43. Girls who wear makeup & don't work up a sweat. Go pick up guys somewhere else! :) ~ Sara Y
  44. Women who "wear" perfume to the gym. ~ Debbie K
  45. People who talk during an anaerobic workout in a spin class. Full conversations. ~ Kelly E

Which was your favorite? Some made me laugh! Add your's below!

Photo by Mauspray