This afternoon I was talking with a girl friend about judging. We were discussing how everyone assumes something (aka, judging) without getting the facts first. Let me get personal. The last few years my health has been rocky. I've had a lot of trauma. And more stress then you can shake 17 trees at. The doctors are baffled. I've had TON of tests done. I've been sick- really sick at times in fact. I've been (and still am) frustrated. Not just with having inclusive results, but with people judging me for the way I look. Aren't ultra marathoner's supposed to be skinny bitches? Why aren't you a size zero? You can run a 100 miles, but you don't look like it!

While there are reasons for the way I look, let me be clear, I am NOT fat. I am NOT obese. I am Sarah. I am beautiful. I am awesome. I have done things that 99.9% of the world will never accomplish. These are not statements of pride, but confirmations to myself that no matter what the world sees, I know that the inside is what counts. I have always believed that my life was meant to help others. My life mission statement began as a 6 year old girl "how can I be a blessing to someone, somehow, someway, somewhere." And I firmly believe that.

People would rather judge then get the facts. People would rather make themselves look good then take the time to take 5 minutes and ask (and really mean it!) if everything is okay.

The statement "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is complete BS. Words DO hurt. People can be cruel with their words. People judge with their words (and words they don't say too). Don't be one of those people.

Through this experience I have prayed to God and asked "why me." I didn't get an answer right away (God does that you know:)), but the other day as I was on a long training ride, it dawned on me that what I am going through is to help other people. My life mission statement! I can relate to people who are having a hard time with weight. I can help a kid who has been told he or she will never amount to anything and tell him I was told the same thing. And to go prove them wrong!

You can go ahead and judge me, but if you do, get the facts first. Some day you might be dealing with something and wish that you had treated others with kindness.  Be quick to love. Be slow to judge.

I write this from the heart. So for all you lurkers out there, go ahead and judge me, but....

Remember, karma is a bitch.

Photo by Ingorrr