Gluten is a protein naturally found in certain grains such as wheat, barley, rye and some oats. Foods that are made with these grains also contain gluten. Foods that contain gluten are very popular among our American culture. These foods are: bagels, cakes, cereals, cookies, crackers, pasta, pizza and more. Gluten free has become an increasingly popular trend and a way of life among many people in America. Gluten free diets are helpful for those who suffer from celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. Just a few short years ago, gluten-free foods were solely found in specialty health food stores, but now these foods are everywhere we shop from major grocery stores to mini-marts.

Even people who do not have a particular food allergy seem to be buying more gluten free products in hopes of becoming a healthier eater. Since the rise of this trend, there have been many great companies who have cooked up some tasty snacks to indulge in.

If you are gluten free or are thinking about trying it out, here is your Valentines Day Guide to Gluten Free Celebrating. The recipe links will be posted at the end of the article. Stay home and avoid the busy restaurants on this night and cook a gluten free meal at home to share with your valentine. If you are craving an Italian dish, have a delicious gluten free chicken cacciatore. Then for dessert, treat yourself for an amazing flourless chocolate cake or chocolate cherry bars.

If you want to get creative you can buy strawberries, dip them in chocolate, and put a long thin stick where the stem is. Put 12 of these together in place of roses and give them to your valentine tied with a bow. This is a quick simple idea that anyone can do… and it is gluten free! If you cannot give up the things you love the most, such as bagels, then it is strongly suggested you try a brand like Udi’s Gluten Free. You will not be disappointed! Happy Valentines Day!

Bonus: have children? Check out these fun ideas!

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