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Gluten Free Holiday Guide

Inspired Living

Gluten Free Holiday Guide

Sarah Stanley


Living gluten free during the holiday season can be challenging if you don’t have a game plan before attending a party or family dinner!

Here is a simple gluten free guide to help you during this holiday season (or anytime for that matter!)

Create a plan! No doubt you’ve heard the quote “if you plan to fail, you fail to plan”. So with that being said, create a plan! If you know you’ll be traveling, pack food with you. If you have Celiac Disease, make sure your family/hosts know so they can prepare things separately, use designated serving utensils, And if you can host, that is an even better option! Being in your home kitchen allows to you to keep control of what is being served and you’ll have no doubt of cross-contamination.  

Cook a dish! This is one of the easiest things to do. When you prepare your own dish to bring to a Christmas Eve dinner or to the holiday office party, you know exactly what is in it and also how it was prepared (with your own personal certified gluten free kitchen and a whole lotta love of course!)

Connect with others! Do you know others that might be gluten free too and need some support during the holidays? Become gluten free best friends!  

Give gluten free gifts! There are many amazing gluten free treats available today. Fill a basket with gluten free treats. No one will turn down Brownie Bites or Cinnamon Rolls! Or maybe a simple mug and some herbal teas and a dark chocolate bar. A gluten free basket makes a great hostess or host gift. And who knows, maybe they will check out gluten free living too!  

Make gluten free gifts! Making gifts with your own hands is very rewarding and brings you much satisfaction! Who wouldn’t like to receive some made-from-scratch Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark? Or maybe some muffins, cookies or biscotti. Homemade treats don’t have to be complicated, just made with love!

At parties, eat naturally gluten free foods! Veggies are a naturally gluten free food so those are almost a safe gluten free food to eat.

Host a gluten free party! Whether you announce it as a gluten free theme or keep it more subtle, hosting a gluten free party can not only be fun but can be a way to introduce people to a new way of living!

Gluten free drinks! Water is always gluten free so get in the healthy habit of carrying a reusable water bottle around with you at all times! Avoid adding liquids or powders to your water and just drink it pure.

Make wise snack choices. Raw fruit & nut bars are always gluten free as are veggies. Keeping a raw energy bar with you so your blood sugar doesn’t crash is a good healthy habit to get into.

Have a friendly response ready! When others ask why you aren’t eating something, keep your response friendly and non-combative. A simple reply could be “just choosing to eat healthy” or if you have Celiac your response could be “I have an allergy” or “my body doesn’t like gluten”. If they want to continue the conversation that’s up to them. Always be positive and happy!

Have a Very Merry Gluten Free Holiday! 

photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Udi's Gluten Free. The opinions and text are all mine.