Thanksgiving is only days away with the temptation of scrumptious delicious aromas filling the kitchen and families anxiously waiting to devour.  Sticking to a diet is almost impossible during the holidays, but what if you follow a gluten free diet. Whether you are a veteran to gluten free diets or a newbie, getting through the holidays can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.  To help you navigate through gluten living during the holidays, here are a few tips:

Focus on the festivities – Yes Thanksgiving is centered on the food but it’s not everything. Focus on other aspects of the day such as spending quality time with friends and family, decorating the house or taking part in a holiday tradition.  By focusing on other aspects of holidays you may get the same amount enjoyment if not more than eating the food.

Eat What You can- Everything prepared may not be gluten free, but you don’t have to starve. Eat what you can or if possible make it aware that you are gluten free so you can have a dish or two that you know will be gluten free.

Introduce others to gluten free dishes – Use the holidays as an opportunity to introduce others to gluten free dishes. There are so many gluten free dishes that taste just as good as normal dishes and holiday gatherings are perfect opportunities to share them. Bringing gluten free dishes are also great conversation starters.

Be a good sport – Around the holidays everyone is going to give you gifts and treats and being gluten free is not a priority to them, so always accept the gift.  Be happy and enjoy the moment.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind over the holidays. Maintaining a gluten free lifestyle is much easier than it used to be. Thankfully there are communities like Udi’s Gluten Free community that offer support and advice for all aspects of gluten free living including the holidays.  Not to mention great recipes, giveaways and all the latest news about Udi’s Gluten Free products.  To join a community of like-minded individuals for support, advice and tips I encourage you to join Udi’s Gluten Free Community. You can even join Udi’s gluten free community on your mobile device! Get recipes, event alerts & special offers. Text UDISGF to 777555. (Msg/data rates may apply.