2372131488_46aa606aebLast night on my way to the Washington DC Twestival I spied Girl A & Girl B on a sidewalk corner. In Georgetown. Black high heels. Brand label gear (everything is "gear" to me). And gawking over Girl A's hand. Apparently she got engaged. Because Girl B was ALL over that hand. Gag me. Now, you might think I'm jealous. Or bitter. Nope, not for a second. But what I took away from the little gaga-oh my gosh-isn't he the best guy ever- ring excitement fest is this: are we more interested in the ring or the marriage? I'm NO marriage "expert" but I do have a few thoughts on the subject. Read on. If you dare.

#1) Let love be the reason, not the ring.

#2) Don't let the wedding be the focus, let the rest of your life be the attention grabber.

#3) Keep friendships alive. Don't ditch girlfriends for the sake of the boy (no offense guys).3937474049_edf9348ea5_b

#4) When your head is on cloud 9, remember that at some point it won't be. Prepare now for that time.

#5) Don't lose the reason for why you love each other. What is it about him/her that you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Write it down.

#6) Eat the wedding cake but remember the best dessert is the one that?

#7) At the end of the day please remember all that really matters is God, each other and people. Things are crap. Yes, a sparkling diamond is nice. The trendy wedding cupcake cake also. Even the lovely flowers. But in the end it comes down to real relationships. It's the investment that's a real keeper.

Happy Wedding Day Girl A. May we all be as lucky as you. NOT.


Photo’s by:  iLoveButter, Candida.Performa and Jiaren Lau