If you haven’t heard already one of the largest manufactures of the World Frito Lay and Pepsi Co its parent corporation are making a big difference in the gluten free community.  As part of a multi-year initiative launched in May as part of National Celiac Disease Awareness month  Frito Lay vowed to make snacking much easier and enjoyable for celiac and gluten sensitive consumers.  Frito Lay commenced an effort to test, verify and label its gluten free products, partnered with Recipe Redux, a network of registered dieticians and healthy food bloggers to offer its gluten free fans with delicious simple recipes. They also partnered with “Gluten Free Girl” Shauna James Ahem for tips on gluten free living. Despite controversies of false labeling on foods to capitalize on the growing popularity, Frito Lay is going through great measures to test ingredients and finished products for the presence of gluten.  Any products containing less than 200ppm of gluten off the manufacturing line (in accordance with the FDA’s proposed rule for gluten free labeling) will be labeled as gluten free.

Not only have the gone through major measures to ensure that their labeling is genuinely correct,  last month they launched a gluten free recipe section on its corporate website www.fritolay.com. The new featured section includes recipes that can be paired with Frito Lay gluten free snacks using a variety of America’s favorite chips such as Lays Classic Potato chips, Frito’s original corn, and my favorite Tostitos Scoops.

Finding gluten free alternatives that everyone can enjoy can often be cumbersome tasks, especially when it comes to America’s favorite snacks.  Frito Lay has noticed the demand and responding in a great way to make gluten free snacking and eating more enjoyable for the entire family.  It is with great hope that with the Frito Lay initiative that it will encourage other major manufactures to follow suit.

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photo credit: MikeyRSinglemom