I don't watch much TV. In fact, I pretty much detest TV. Just not my thing. Okay, I do watch the Today Show. And yes I watch some shows on the TLC channel. And somehow, I have been known to watch the Biggest Loser. I actually don't care for the show. Before you right me off and send me hate mail, let me quickly state why.

A) Losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time is dangerous

B) A person should lose weight/get healthy for the sake of their health, NOT money

C) Weight loss should not be based on a game/winning money

D) Sends the wrong message to the general public

E) Get the facts correct (a marathon is 26.2 miles, a half marathon is 13.1 miles)

If you are still with me (and I hope you are) and for the sake of your nipples, read on.

Your skin is soft.  Running produces sweat. Combine the 2 and it looks like you have been shot. Twice.

You see, as much as I love snuggling up in a soft cotton tee shirt, they aren't made for running. That's why god made company's like Nike, Lucy Activewear, Lulelemon, Brooks, Asics, and others to make "technical" clothing.

Why you should NEVER wear cotton to run in:

Reason #1) Cotton doesn't wick your sweat away. Technical material does. It lets your skin breathe.  Cotton will get wet, and start to chaff your skin. I should note that yes, even "technical" shirts will cause men's nipples to gasp, bleed. Tip, make Body Glide, Band Aids, Bag Balm or Vaseline your friend.

Reason #2) Once cotton is wet, it stays wet. It will cling to your skin. So if you are running in heat/sun you can't cool down. Remember it won't let your skin breathe. If you are running in the cold, you will work up a sweat and the shirt will become soaked causing you soon to get cold. It all goes back to that whole breathing thing. See,  you thought that only applies to life. Nope. Clothes have a life too:)

Reason #3) All the cool kids do it. See, peer pressure will get you every time!

So, go buy a few technical shirts, shorts, socks, sports bras (women only, but men if you want to, go knock yourself out!) and your running body will be transformed. You may even run faster:)

Here is your happy running body. Your nipples will thank me. Trust me.

PS:  I am probably leaving out a few key facts as I try to warn the world before they go out to run.

PSS: Biggest Loser, here is an open invitation to you to have a certified running coach be a part of your program. I am just saying....

Photo by Broma