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Inspired Living

Football baby!

Sarah Stanley

So, football session has officially kicked off! I for one am very excited about that. I <3> football. Okay, for my friends NOT in the states, this is American football. Why do I look forward to football? I enjoy it for a few reasons:)

#1) the sport

#2) time to enjoy food

#3) time to see friends/invite people over

#4) a chance to see games in a variety of weather

#5) killer catches, killer plays & yes, sometimes killer running (see you knew I was going to throw running in there somewhere!)

#6) and of course some hot players!

For me football is a time to enjoy a sport I don't play but enjoy the sport of watching team work. Coaches coaching. Fans braving sun, snow, wind, rain all for the love of their team. It shows passion. Dedication.

Football is a team sport. And that is what life is. It's a team. We are all in this together. Does a team mate need you? Reach out to someone. Let's all win in this game called life!

Photo by Jayel Aheram