Fitness is defined as “The condition of being physically fit and healthy.” So, in the spirit of Fitness Friday, that's what we're talking about. Our special topic? Clothes. Yay! Picking the right clothes for any workout is extraordinarily important for two reasons:

  1. They keep you comfortable.
  2. They can protect you from injuries, minor and serious.

I've worn a lot of athletic wear over the years, and most of it was great. I've always had problems with sports bras while running, and I'm sure most ladies can relate to this. I recently found the perfect sports bra. It's by LuluLemon Athletica, a Canada based store that specializes in clothing for yoga. However, I'm convinced that their Ta Ta Tamer (yes, that's really what it's called) is the best sports bra on the face of the earth. It was made for running women, by running women. On the website, there's a blurb titled “Why we made this.” I couldn't help but chuckle when I read what the creators had to say: “Lion tamers are amazing the way they can control two mighty lions at the same time, making them sit up, keeping them apart as they run through their long routine. The Ta Ta Tamer™ is dedicated to their bravery and the beasts they control.

As for shoes, I've had a lot of those too. I mostly wear pretty flip flops or small heels, but you can't run in those. Well, I guess I could, but it probably wouldn't well. Last week, I went into the running store at my mall (Fit 2 Run for those of you who live in Florida) and saw the cutest pair of shoes, the Nike Free Run+ 3. The only way I can describe the color is neon salmon (they're way cuter than they sound) with neon green accents. They didn't look very sturdy, but I tried them on anyway. It was literally like standing on a cloud. I bought them for $90 and took them for a test run that night. Well, technically I took them for a test run at the store, on this really cool track they have that circles the entire store, but I digress. That night was the easiest I've ever run. I didn't feel winded as easily, my heartbeat didn't feel out of control, and I'm so looking forward to competitive running with these shoes.