Superfoods are the foods that are the most beneficial to your health, and they usually contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help counteract free radicals, the cells that cause cancer, so in turn, they can help prevent cancer. There are many "superfoods" that you may be eating and not realize how much they're doing for your body, or some that you don't eat because you don't realize how good they really are.

1. Plain greek yogurt. Yogurt is good, not only because it has probiotics, which stimulate good bacteria in your GI tract, but they also contain potassium, which runners are notorious for getting from bananas, which aren't a super food. So next time you're going for a run, eat a plain yogurt, like Chobani, and you'll get your potassium, calcium, protein and Vitamin D.

2. Kiwi: Oftentimes kiwis are overlooked when it comes to nutrition, but they're absolutely packed with antioxidants and are the only fruit that contain Vitamin E; the vitamin that helps with reproductive issues.

3. Broccoli: Green vegetables are notoriously good for your health, but broccoli has Vitamins A, and K. Vitamin A is the "vision vitamin" that prevents night blindness, inflammation, and dry eyes. For the best results, eat it raw. When vegetables are cooked, they lose some of their nutrients.

4. Nuts: All nuts are notorious for being high in fat, so they're sometimes not considered healthy, but they are. Nuts are very important because they contain protein, which helps repair damaged cells and muscle tissue. They also contain healthy fats, and high fiber.

5. Quinoa: A whole grain, like brown rice or certain brands of couscous. However, quinoa contains zinc, selenium, which are known to lower your risk for things like Diabetes and heart disease.

According to WebMd, there are other superfoods you should be eating, like eggs and beans, which are good for your heart, because they lower bad cholesterol. For the most part, fish is good for you because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, but the fish with the least bad fat? Salmon, so opt for this next time instead of tuna. Sweet potatoes also made the list, as long as they're not covered in butter or brown sugar. Food with more potassium and less sodium, like sweet potatoes, can help lower blood pressure. Finally, berries. They're low in calories, high in water, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, which make for good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial foods.

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