FIT Project St. Louis Edition Date: Oct 23, 2011

It has been an insane month. We're almost at the end of October and I've only seen my bed 3 times. If you've been following my adventures, you will know that I just got back from cycling 600 miles down the coast of CA for Kids on Bikes (Celebration Ride2). And now I'm in St. Louis! Somedays I'm just thankful for my watch telling me what timezone I'm in :).

The back story of being in STL will have to wait for the book, but let's just say the first 24 hours in St. Louis were pretty interesting. Race morning finally came and it was time to RUN! Jarrett and I ran together for the first 8 miles. He was running the full marathon, me just the half. I seriously thought about running the full as we were running along but I kept to my plan and stuck with the half.

The course had a turn every 100 feet or so it seemed. The Cardinals were in the World Series and the town was decked out in red as well as a lot of runners.  The usual funny and not-so-funny signs were ever present on the course. It is always funny what spectators decide to write. You can tell who has run before too :).

The weather was cool when we started and got warmer as the day wore on. Besides the zig-zag course, there were a few moderate hills too. Oh and after the half and full course split cars decided that the cones weren't for them AND STARTED DRIVING ON THE COURSE! There were thousands of people running! Perhaps they thought they were targets? Or we would run faster if they drove behind us? I don't know. Thankfully, I was in the front of the race and heard later that as time went on, things didn't improve. Eek.

As far as scenery goes, the half marathon course was a nice mix of town, neighborhoods and nature. I like to see the area when I'm running a race! I'm sure I had some great thoughts as I was running but because I am writing this almost 2 months later, I couldn't tell you what they were :).

The finish line was in sight and soon enough another race was completed. Yay! Today's race made 19 (?) for 2011. After getting an ice bath, checking out of one hotel and into another I took a THREE HOUR nap. I was so exhausted. Not from the race, but from the month of racing and cycling. Naps are wonderful things :).

That evening I had a delightful meal at Mango and after craving this dish for YEARS, finally found it! Aji De Gallina. It's chicken in this to-die-for sauce with potatoes and a hard boiled egg and a sprig of parsley. I licked the platter clean :). If you are in STL, make sure you go have a meal here!

Next, back to LAX!