Part three of the FIT Project. For a recap of it, read this. One of the best things about racing is that you get to meet great people! On Saturday, I got to meet Adam, Lori, Lisa, Ally, Steve, Lauren, Adam, Danica, Aimee,  Sarah & her husband & son....and a bunch of other names I forget (oops). Forgive me please :)


After hanging out in the sun (WOOT!) I headed over to the expo. I've been to a lot of expo's over the years. They have certainly changed! One of the booths was selling- get this- kitchen knives. Really? What on earth for??! Are you going to be cutting oranges along the course?

Race expo (yes it was sunny & about 70*:))

That evening my pre-race meal was Quinoa Salad with a brown egg, a little olive oil and an orange that I had gotten from Farmers Market in the morning! Sorry no photo- I was starving :) Went to bed. And for the record I never sleep well the night before a race!

Race eve!

4:30am came quickly. Especially when you don't sleep well to begin with:) But up I got and had my usual pre-race breakfast of steel cut oats, almond milk and some walnuts.

Steel Cut Oats For The Win!!

Since this was the FIRST race out of 19 I knew I had to set a tradition at the get-go. Do I live tweet (my MO) or take photos? I choose to go with photos. I thought documenting the FIT Project would be cool. And memorable.

Rule #1) Always layout your gear the night before!

I should also mention that when I woke up I felt sick. More on that later. After eating my scrumptious breakfast I hauled myself to the car & made the trek south to Tempe. Then got in line for shuttle buses that took us to the start. Its always fun riding in a school bus with pre-sweaty runners. You can feel the excitement. The adrenaline. The nerves. The smell of Body Glide. Runners getting ready to do there thing!

The drive to the start in Phoenix was beautiful. Here is proof.

Happy Race Morning!

I love sunrises!

We arrived at the start and I went to the bathroom line right away. Rule #2) Bring tissues. The porta potty's always run out. ALWAYS.

Yep, we out west!

After successfully making it out of the potty, it was time to wait. It was 6:50am. The half marathon didn't start till 8:30am. It was only 50 degrees, but when you are just sitting around, it gets a little chilly. So I did some jumping jacks, pushups and plank. Yes, people were staring at me. I didn't care.

This guy was trying to keep warm (I think)

Yes, I love sunrises

Last sunrise photo (promise)

I had a someone that wanted to run with me, so we met up after she saw her husband off for the full marathon. As I was waiting, I witnessed these two girls getting ready for a fashion show. I mean running. WTH?

Where am I? I thought we were running!

She is spraying hair spray on her. The new Body Glide?! I think not!

Moving on to perfume. I kid you not.

Big tire in front of building

Fun building (meeting spot)

Kelly & I

I never get tired of being in a race corral. Its kind of like being on the shuttle bus. Runners from all over the country, ready (or not) for the journey ahead. And when the national anthem is sung and the gun goes off. We all cheer & clap our hands. It truly is an exciting time!

The start line!

25,000 runners ready to run!

And so, Sunday, January 17, 2011, at 8:40am (approximately) I crossed the  start line. The FIT Project is underway!