Why, looky, looky, I think I spy donuts, ice cream, nachos...wait a minute. NO YOU DON'T! Not this blog! What you DO see is a pair of running shoes, a race bib, some fruits & veggies and a passion for kids. In case you haven't heard about the FIT Project. Here is a recap.

The FIT (Fitness Inspired Tour) Project is a national fitness tour. Through this tour Sarah hopes to inspire the nation to make fitness a natural part of their life. The tour will focus on ways people can be healthy, start running, incorporate simple ways to be active & of course help others. This project will help combat the obesity crisis that is affecting our nation. Sarah will attempt to run all 19 Rock n' Roll Half marathons.  Sarah will fundraise for various organizations such as Orange Laces, World Vision, and/or PlayWorks. For the complete list of dates & city's on the tour, visit here.

The first stop on the FIT Project was in Phoenix, AZ. Being able to escape 20 degree temps + harsh wind to 70 degrees + sunshine for 36 hours was pretty sweet :)

I arrived late Friday evening, picked up my rental car (I avoid checking bags at all costs!) and navigated my way to my friends Kristi's place north of Phoenix. Yes, women CAN navigate. In the dark even! :)

Quick story first. After we got up in the air, they passed out drinks. I requested my usual "water with no ice." And good thing I did. Because my blood sugar was low and as she handed me the cup I promptly spilled it all over my legs. Thankfully a kind gentleman next to me gave me his sweatshirt and that kept me warm for the next four hours or so. It was also a good thing I don't drink coffee - hot would've been much, much worse! :) Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.

After getting to Kristi's, we talked (what else do girls do?) and then finally went to bed at 2am. I was tired.

In the morning, I made us Steel Cut Oats. Always start the day off right! Then we headed to the Scottsdale Farmers Market - the highlight of the weekend! The drive to Scottsdale was awesome. The mountains make me feel alive.  And seeing the hot air balloons in the valley made me realize my dream of riding in one someday!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so enjoy!

Dried Beans

More Dried Beans!

Onions (red & white)

Fresh Fruit!


Fresh Oranges (can't you just smell them?!)

Blood Orange (the BEST)

Fresh Oranges!

There is nothing better than fresh fruits & veggies. Just looking at them makes me happy. Are you getting fresh food into your diet? You need 5 fruits and 5 vegetables EVERY DAY!

Part Two will feature a video or two as well as more photos. Don't miss it!

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