And with that, me & 20,000+ other runners were off. I was thankful I was in one of the front corrals. I think there were like 30 corrals???!! By the way, if you don't know about the FIT Project (*gasp*) read this before you drink your cup of coffee or tea. Or nap :)

As I stated in a previous post, I captured the race via photos. Enjoy the race recap through my eyes (and shoes!)

Looking back at the people behind us.

Getting ready to run! Can you feel the excitement?!

Here we go!!!

I love the blue sky. And the clouds. And running :)

Just running.

I believe we are in the southwest- I spy 2 palm trees.

Runners in costume. Note: NOT me.

Blue sky, little sun, and some palm trees. What more could you want?

Funny sign

A high school. Next door is a...

Are you kidding me? Right BESIDE a high school?!

Aid station (I run through). Its like a mine field w/ all the cups!

Reads: "tires & rims for rent". LOL

Yep, I ran through it :)

Halfway baby!

Cheering us on! Thanks girls!

Wonderful, amazing mountains.

Every state must have a China town! (Although this was more like one building)

This is for The SF Marathon :)

Some more beautiful rocks :)

Run! Rock! Roll! Well, not so much the last part....

The stadium where we finished

The finish line area

There are never seats after you finish, so thought this was pretty creative of PF Changs!

So glad to be done! 1:56:33!

Number one in the legs! 18 more to go!

And with that my friends is the first FIT Project race recap. 18 more to go. For you stat people (including me) here they are:

Time: 1:56:33 (8:53 pace)

Age group: 201/1950

Overall women:  1149/11905

Overall place: 3345/19346

Next race: New Orleans!