I left you with a melting heart - kind of. Quick recap: I just finished speaking at a school and the kids, although rowdy, were precious. This weekend the FIT Project had me in New Orleans. Don't know what the FIT Project is? Then run over here and read all about it!

NIGHTLIFE New Orleans style!

Friday evening, my host family (did I mention they ROCKED??!!) took me downtown to see the sights. But before the nightlife, it was expo time.

Get ready to rock, roll and run!

Striking a pose :)

Princess Sarah (Sarah means princess you know!)

Running Princess Sarah

Mardia Gras fun!

Alright, now on to the fun. We walked around the French Quarter. And I took a LOT of photos. For you of course:)

The Big Easy

Street View

I love this shot!


Antonie's Restaurant

Side view


Window Mardia Gras

Another fun building

King Cake!

I guess this is proof that there is one :)

Adjectives of NOLA

Court Of The Two Sisters

Getting ready for Mardis Gras

Gumbo anyone?

Don't worry, its not me :)

St. Louis Cathedral

This photo does not do it justice, but it was BEAUTIFUL!!! As fate would have it, a college vocal group was performing that night. I could listen to choral music forever. Talk about peace!

Let there be peace in the world tonight

Street sign

The world famous cafe!

And that my friends,  is the New Orleans nightlife tour! It was a fabulous evening. Next up, THE RACE!