Hello from the Big Easy! The FIT Project has me in New Orleans for ING KiDS ROCK Race and Playworks. Did you enjoy the photos from the school visit? Kids are so precious! Are you new to my site and wondering what the FIT Project is all about? Here is a quick 411 on it!

Saturday morning I headed over to the ING KiDS ROCK Race. It was a beautiful morning!


Run (or pose:))

Grade corrals (and a mascot)

Kids medal!

Can you spot her? Its a woman smoking. RIGHT at the kids finish line!!

I actually went over and asked her not to do it right there. Some people amaze me - and not in a good way either!

The 19 races I'll be running this year ;)

All the race logos (19!)

FEMA Trailer (still here after how many years?!)

First you sweat, then you eat sweets ;)

That was Saturday for the most part! Well, a nap, lunch, a walk around the French Quarter, church and race prep. Always lay out EVERYTHING before you go to bed! It sure beats rushing around at 4am.

RACE DAY is next!

Mardis Gras Marathon (and Half Marathon)

My host family drove me to the start line. It was pretty chilly out for a southern city! They gave me one of their old shirts. It kept me warm along with the heaters. I always love seeing the runners in the early morning. Trying to wake up. Or trying to figure out where they are!

Race morning!

Corrals in the twilight

Bridge in the dawn!

Rock 'n' Roll (table centerpiece)

Heaters for the win! (Told you it was chilly!)

Course cyclists getting ready!

Beautiful sunrise!

Alright! Almost ready to run, so I'll catch you on the course. Its going to be awesome:)

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