I left you at the start line of the Mardis Gras Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon (and full). Ready to come run with me? In case you are new and are wondering what the FIT Project is all about, here is a quick link that will explain the project.

The race started at 7 a.m. It was a little chilly before the race. Thankfully I had a throw-away shirt! I love the row of palm trees below, don't you?

IN the start line- getting ready to run!

Probably one of my favorite things about a race is the moment when everyone is the coral. Together. A couple of thousand people from all walks of life. Some to win the race. Others to just finish. One of my rituals is to pray right after the National Anthem is sung. In the midst of the adrenaline, it's awesome to bow your head, close your eyes and pray for everyone to have a good race. And to thank God that we are given this great opportunity!

A beautiful race morning!

7 a.m. came and we were off! Well, right before I crossed the start line I threw my throw-away shirt over the heads of the runners. Or should I say attempted to. I was stuck in the middle of the crowd and I think the shirt landed on some poor persons head. OOPS!

The first miles were a little bland. But that was okay, because I knew that soon beautiful views would engulf us. (I had a sneak preview the previous days:).)

Wonderful canopy of trees!

I believe this is a cupcake shop :)

After the first 5K we ran through an adorable little part of the city. Lots of quaint shops - talk about SPEEDY window shopping! :)

More cute shops!

Love running through a canopy of trees!

Beautiful Homes (and Mardis Gras flags)

Hearing church bells on the course during the race? Amazing.

The homes were gorgeous!

Southern style

Cool house

Last shot of a tree filled sky- I think :)

More church bells! Sweet!

Church 3! (not pictured is a priest passing out beers:))

Coming into the home stretch!

A donut sign. The smell was engulfing.

Almost there baby! Love that bright, blue sky!

Finished! Warm, dry clothes at the VIP tent. Score.

Pretty flowers.

Post race concert. And naps for some.

Bands! It is Rock n Roll afterall!

And with that, New Orleans Mardis Gras Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon is a wrap! It was a fun (and flat) course! It was great to see a city be rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

AND ... everyone always want to know "what was your time?" Well, here ya go!

Time: 1:51:18, 95/1255 division, 421/6511 women, 1365/10262 overall.

Next FIT Project race is Dallas - a week after L.A. Marathon. See ya on the trail!