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Inspired Living

FIT Project (Los Angeles Edition)

Sarah Stanley

FIT Project Los Angeles Edition Date: Oct. 30, 2011

From St. Louis to California (I've spent most of October here!) I feel more like a bird at 3,600 feet than a runner. No, that's not true, but it sounded good :). 

It was nice to be back in sunny California. I really enjoyed this trip because I got to hear Jars of Clay at a free concert at Saddleback Church! Jars of Clay is one of my favorite groups and I was completely stoked that they were playing when I was in town! Although it made for a late, late Saturday night (I like to go to bed early), it was well worth the lack of sleep.

But it just wasn't a lack of sleep, it was also a lack of FOOD. For some reason I spent the whole time rushing around the city, driving, etc., that I didn't get a chance to eat. I kept thinking, next hour, next hour, before church/concert, after church/concert. Well, yeah. That never happened. By the time we got back to Los Angeles, it was midnight. No way was I eating at that time! So I went to bed with a grumbling tummy. Always a joy :).

I was staying close to the race start, so I had the luxury of rolling out of bed an hour before race start, drinking my Gen UCAN and walking to the race start. It was the day before Halloween so A LOT of people were dressed up. As if Hollywood needed any more characters :).

My friends and I got in the corrals. Ready to rock another race! I really wanted a 1:49:59, so Jarrett and I ran together. David also started out with us, but slowed down at the 5K mark.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the course, but I was pleasantly surprised that we got to run through some scenery. There were a few hills. And the hill at Mile 9 ("the bridge") broke me. Jarrett got away from me and I wasn't happy about it, but knew there wasn't much I could do about it either! Soon the horrible hill was finished and the race course made a U-turn and we ran back down it.

The sun was out and it was getting hot. I just wanted to finish! I pushed a little harder. This part of the course was an out and back and my friend Raf was running up the hill I just finished and we gave each other high fives. The course had us run back through the tunnel and people were having fun hearing their voices echo.

I saw a guy that was running a good pace and I joined him. Turned out we were both pushing each other. Soon, we emerged from the tunnel and headed down the hill to the finish line. I pushed a little harder and dropped said guy. Soon I crossed the finish line. 1:52:04. So stinkin' close to a 1:51. Oh well. A finish is a finish right?

The following day my finish was a little more eery. A guy that finished right around the time I did (9 a.m.-ish) died. I was thankful for just finishing.

After the race, it was a busy day, ending with a sunset dinner at the Santa Monica pier.

Four more RnR races, baby. Four more.