Howdy from the heart of Texas! The FIT Project has me in Dallas this time. Don't know what the FIT Project is? Here is a quick 411 on it. The ING KiDS RACE on Saturday morning was awesome. It is so great to see kids out running. A sport near & dear to my heart!

The kids race was held here! What better then at a fairground?!

Kids race finish line

3 brothers getting ready to run!

Lots of excited kids!

Two sisters happy to be here!

Me & the kiddos

I will finish- with or without a shoe!

One of the grade winners! Some of these kids can run FAST!!!

Wonderful teen volunteers! With medals for the kiddos!

Another fast boy! The course bike could hardly keep up!

The fairground!

More fairground shots

Midway (not the airport ;))

Fairground entrance

About 600 kids came out to run. I'm thankful for each and every one!