Race report alert! Don't worry, it's mostly photos :) And beautiful ones at that! This stop of the FIT Project is in Dallas, Tex. What's the FIT Project? Glad you asked, here is the quick scoop on it.

Quick recap? I missed my goal by six seconds. But I didn't have to swim like last week (L.A. Marathon).

A nice surprise was that the race didn't start till 8 a.m.! That is almost unheard of. But I still had to get up at 4:45 a.m. After my standard breakfast of steel cut oats and water, I was off to the races with my friend Erich.

For some reason it was "cold" in Dallas. Now if you are from a truly cold state, 48 degrees is downright balmy. But remember way down south 48 is a cold wave :). To me I thought it was the prefect weather. After parking (and seeing a sign for Roller Derby Parking- are we skating instead?!) we boarded the school buses. One of these times I will take a photo of all the smiling, sleepy runners!

Perhaps we are doing a different race this morning?! ;)

Near the start

Dallas at dawn

The cattle even showed up!

Near City Hall, there was a herd of cattle. Not real of course. Great time for a rodeo, right?!

Riding a bull

The Dallas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon start line!

I love this shot. Not sure what building it is, but I love the green light outline in the dark!

Another favorite shot!

Shannon, Libby and me. Met up before the race.

Getting ready to run!

Its not as warm as it looks ;)

Start line in the daylight!

15,000 or so ready to run!

I wasn't really sure how this race would go. Having just swam, I mean run, the L.A. Marathon seven days previous, my quads were still a bit tender. L.A. Marathon is net downhill. A quad buster. Anyway, once the race started I was surprised at my pace. I probably went out too fast, but I just wanted to cross the finish line as soon as I could.

City Hall

City Hall closer

The weather was a bit "chilly." Take that with a grain of salt please! I was just stoked that it wasn't raining!

Dallas skyline

Hard Rock (at the top of a slight incline)

Sightings. Seemed like a new 'hood.

Running downhill, about to go under the Katy Trail

At this point, I was about four miles into the race & feeling pretty good. I was trying not to think of my quads. They already were on fire! I focused on running, taking photos and enjoying the sights. And mansions. You'll see what I am talking about soon enough.

Running beside Turtle Creek

Some CEO's mansion. Complete with a kayak in front!!! How awesome is that?!

I love seeing the American Flag

Another shot because I never get tired of seeing it!

My nutrition was pretty good for the race. I always carry my own water/fluid. I took a GU before the race, then again at 45 minutes. I took another one at 1:10. It was the boost I needed. Little, FYI, it takes about a mile or 10 minutes or so to get into you system. If you start feeling like you need nutrition, it is usually too late.

Mansion A (of very many!)

Mansion B (I would lose track after a while)

I started joking with the runners around me. I told them "that's my house." To which a guy beside me said "oh I am your neighbor." And I replied "ah, you're the one who keeps stealing my paper." The friendly banter went on for a little while and others were joining in. These mansions were MASSIVE. Perfectly manicured lawns. That were the perfect shade of green. And every flower was blooming. And gigantic, hungry lions stood guard. TO which I laughed and said to no in particular "my lions can eat your lions." You'll get the joke after you say it out loud ;)

This has to be one of my all time favorite photos. These precious kids giving high fives! Adorable!


Mansion C

The above and below shot we were going up a slight, but long incline. I took a few photos to keep my mind off the pain ;).

Mansion D

Another happy cheerleader group

Mansions E, F, & G

I was getting tired. My pace had dropped & I knew I had to pick it back up if I wanted to make my goal. So I took one more GU, a few more photos and called it a day. Time to race. Time to finish so I could sit down.

The 10 mile marker. 3.1 miles to go!

Mansion H

Chalk inspiration by a very awesome group of cheerleaders!

Time to get this baby over with. I had a 1.5 miles to go and had to hustle. I gave it my all. I could hear the music, the loudspeakers, the people cheering, people screaming, signs being waved, keeping a nervous watch on my watch (no pun intended). I kept picking up the pace. Was running in the mid-seven minute range. I was very focused on crossing that finish line. Everything around me was a blur. The only thing I cared about was 1:49:59 on my watch. However, that was not to happen. I crossed the finish line with my heart & soul in 1:50:06. I was pretty disappointed, but you know? It's not always about the time, it's about THE TIME of your life. (I'll save this topic for another day.)

After finishing I was greeted by a few guess what sprinkles!! Rain again??! Two weeks in a row? Whoa! At least it wasn't hot!

All in all, it was a great day. I get to run. I get to inspire kids and adults around the world. And what a privilege it is.


Time: 1:50:06

Overall: 1419/10969

Women: 416/6810

Age group: 95/1316