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Fit In Florence Entry 7

Inspired Living

Fit In Florence Entry 7


Cathedral in Florence

Hello!! My abroad semester is sadly coming to an end. I have grown so much over this amazing four month experience. I’ve learned how important it is to buy fresh food, cook in a variety of ways, mix up your food, and stay fit every day. Most importantly, I have learned you CAN travel and exercise at the same time. Walk up and down the airport terminal, do yoga from your chair, do 15 morning workouts in your hotel room, go for a walk in the new city you are in. It is possible that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Italians only eat organic and fresh foods with the best ingredients. They walk everywhere no matter what the weather is. They are fit, healthy, and happy. I never want to leave this country! I will continue to keep what I learned in mind and spread the word. Make sure you get your dose of motivation and inspiration every single day in order to live a happy and fit life. Good luck to everyone!!!! Thank you! Ciao !!