Hey, everyone!! I finally had a full week in Florence without travelling anywhere else. This allowed me to explore my surroundings further. (If you aren't up to speed on this series, read this. I'm Christina and interning for Inspired while studying in Italy.) The weather this week wasn’t ideal because it rained everyday. This didn’t stop me from my daily run along the Arno River! I love running in the rain, but it got scary when the lightening and thunder struck. So after 45 minutes I would come home to do a Nike workout on my iPhone. Workouts can be done without equipment so I don’t want any excuses from people who travel! You can FIT in your workout anywhere!

At home in New York, I don’t eat meat so I rely on other things for protein. Quinoa is my favorite go-to breakfast or lunch and I was devastated that I couldn’t bring some along with me. Luckily, I found a market that sells some American items and I was in heaven when I found quinoa, basmati rice, flax seed, and oatmeal!

For breakfast I cook quinoa and mix in prunes and raisins and the protein holds me over until my next meal. I now have oatmeal for a breakfast option as well, but I’ve been mixing dried oats into my smoothies with my organic protein, spirilina, and flax, for a post-workout muscle repairing food! I’m so happy that I found all of these in Florence because now I can keep eating a healthy variety of foods.

My favorite dinner to have here is fresh salmon from the central market. The butcher cuts me a small portion for one meal and I grill it on the stove with black pepper and lemon. I feel energized and nutritious all day long in Italy.

My healthy lifestyle is ever growing and I cannot wait to see what else I find here in Florence this upcoming week! Stay FIT wherever you are… I know you can![gallery]

photo credit: Audrey Scott