Hello everyone! I have so much to share about this week! Friday was my birthday and I headed to a weekend trip in Munich, Germany. To explain Munich in one word: Fairytale. I want to move there immediately! I was excited to camp out and explore the beauty of this place! On my birthday my friends and I did a four-hour bike tour through the town of Munich. The weather was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t think of a better way to get in my exercise than riding a bike through a gorgeous town, even though I ended up getting a flat tire which held up the entire tour for 45 minutes...[gallery]

OOPS! The people in Germany were extremely fascinating. They ride bikes EVERYWHERE. The bike roads are very wide and they pedal so vigorously in the busy streets of Germany. They are also very conservative about energy and recycling as most people are in Europe. It’s so interesting to learn how other countries function and what their societies think is important. I’ve found that the main transportation methods are walking and bike riding, which would be phenomenal if America adapted to this kind of approach! I definitely got my exercise in this weekend by those means. There are always ways to fit in a workout, even if it’s going for a 30 minute walk in your neighborhood, so go get active!

I was wary about the food they would have in Germany so I brought a few snacks along with me. Easy snacks to travel with are nuts and fruit and I ate these between meals. I was pleasantly surprised with the breakfast they had. It was called “Toe-in-a-hole”. Yes, very strange. In American terms: Sunny side up egg, with kidney and pinto beans, topped with a tomato chili sauce. I was in heaven because my staple food is always BEANS, BEANS, and BEANS! I took out the yellow center and had a healthy, protein filled breakfast.

Returning to Florence was bittersweet. Having a bed and a warm shower was great to come back to, but I will miss the beautiful town of Munich. I thought I would switch up my food a bit when I returned to Italy, so I splurged at the market and bought fresh salmon fillet. I grilled it with spices and it was the perfect meal. I love going to the central market because everything is so fresh and amazing. I bulked up on fruit and stored it in the freezer so I will be ready for my protein smoothies after a workout! This week was remarkable, healthy, and definitely FIT.


Photo credit: Audrey Scott