Happy Fit Friday! We [the team here Sarah Stanley Inspired] are excited to introduce a brand new series to you! Christina is interning for us and just happens to be studying abroad in Italy (yes, we're a little jealous!) Every Friday find out how she is staying fit in Italy and what she is learning about the Italians and their health. Will be a great journey so don't miss it! Hi everyone! My name is Christina and I’m currently living in Italy while studying Public Relations. I’m originally from New York and I love all things fitness! I am thankful for this internship to learn more about the health world. I’m very open-minded and have explored all different aspects of health from paleo diet to vegan and everything in between. I’ve tried various different types of fitness routines and I love a chance to expand my views further.

I was scared to come to Italy for an entire semester because everyone warned me I would gain at least ten pounds from all the food I’d be consuming. I was also worried that I wouldn’t have time to fit in a workout. But, I’ve learned that there’s ALWAYS time to fit in a workout even if your schedule is super busy!

I discovered that Italians have extremely good health, and the only reason why Americans tend to gain weight here is because they simply do not know how to value food. What I mean by this is that people indulge too much for too long and do not stop. Of course I’m going to try the pizza and gelato, but I’m not going to have a huge portion. People here do not over indulge, and everything they eat is fresh from the farm and organic. The food portions are small and they walk EVERYWHERE! People here are in shape and all appear to be in good health. Not only do I think I’m going to be more fit by the time I leave, but I also think I’ll be a lot more healthy from all the fresh foods.

My professors told me they would rather die than eat anything that came out of a box. Processed foods are not popular here. Everyone shops for groceries daily at the central market. The central market (see photo above) is the most magical place I’ve ever laid eyes on. There are fresh fruits and vegetables at every angle. Eating this fresh, clean, and organic is how it should be all over the world.

During my “Fit In Florence Series”, I will continue to talk about the eating and fitness routine I have learned to adapt to. I hope to help develop a new view of what health really is and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you!


Blog image photo credit: Audrey Scott 

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