Chances are that if you are reading this you have walked by someone who was wearing stinky clothes, holding a tattered coffee cup and piece of cardboard that read "please help me- I would like to eat tonight". And with head held on, making sure not to have make any eye contact, you walked right past them. You enjoyed your $3.99 Pumpkin Latte and went about your day. Possibly even buying some UGG's  or an iPad or skinny jeans. I hear they are the trend? I wouldn't know. But did you know you walked right past your grandparents? Yep that's right. You see 6 million older Americans  that are asking for food are the VERY people that fought in the World Wars, helped build roads, worked on farms, taught in schools and fought for our freedoms we have today.

Today I was invited to AARP / Create The Good along with DC Central Kitchen, Miriam's Kitchen & some other fine folks to help spread the word about this problem.

I don't know about you, but the above facts make me sad. What can you & I do about it? Glad you asked! Below are some ways that you can start making a difference in reversing this trend.

  • Volunteer your time at local food bank, kitchen, shelter (if you need a list, please let me know!)
  • Donate food to a local food bank, kitchen or shelter
  • Don't walk past someone without trying to help them. Give them a food bar, a cup/bottle of water or even your change.
  • Take them to a local kitchen or shelter.

Helping others doesn't always require money, it starts with a willing and helpful heart. I am reminded of the verse, "And if anyone even gives a cup of water he will not lose his reward".

Go forth & help someone. Your life will be enriched.

Photo by: Angie Torres'

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