This past weekend I was speaking at a race in Chicago. Being on a pretty tight budget I had to rely on the kind friends I have in the area. I spent each night in a different place. One morning the train left by 2 minutes, making me late for a meeting. One day one of my bags didn't make it to my next "host home". Then the last night I spent in ESPN Zone and the airport. All of these things were about to make me go crazy OR teach me some kind of lesson. A lesson in going with flow. Or maybe breathing. Or taking time to be thankful for what I do have. Sometime is so easy for me to think of what I am going through at the present moment instead of being grateful for what I have.

Yeah, spending the night in the airport might not have been the greatest time of my life. But hey, at least I had a roof over my head:)

What can you be thankful for TODAY?

Photo by James Jordan

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