Whether biking, running or walking your body seeks energy from carbs and fats and in order to fuel your body correctly for these activities you need to eat the right foods. As you increase the intensity of your workouts your body switches back and forth from carbs and fats to give your body energy.   Choosing the right foods can often be a little tricky so to keep your stomach in tack for a long run or intense cardio here are some tips on what to eat before tackling cardio. Carbs, carbs carbs!  Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates because they are the primary source of energy that you burn during cardio.  What are complex carbs? Well there are several but some of the staples are oatmeal, quinoa, apples, broccoli, kale, and beans. After eating carbs remember to allow plenty of time for digestion before starting your cardio. The general time frame to allocate is about 3-4 hours, since your body takes about 2 hours to digest the average meal. Also remember to drink plenty of fluids meaning water before a long run or cardio session.   Before any type of endurance training you always want to stay hydrated to keep you energy levels up and keep fluids in your body.

Specifically for runners entering marathons, don’t give into temptation of taking offers under tents and handouts; stick to your plan!    So many runners make the mistake of gulping down Hammer Gels and rich electrolytes drinks and then a few minutes after running they have stomach issues.  Instead opt to eat good quality foods such as almonds, eggs, oranges, beans, salmon, walnuts or fruit to keep your stomach in check.   Happy Training!