In observing (not judging) the nation, my Twitter stream, Facebook updates and other general interactions I have found that many people are confused with three things. Exercise. Food. Beverages. Three camps that people fall into.

Camp 1) "I workout and burn a ton of calories so I can eat whatever"

Camp 2) "I don't pay attention to what food I am putting in my body nor do I care"

Camp 3) "I sweat so I can drink sports drinks. OR I drink anything but (or very little) water"

While I wish I could shake some common sense into people and beg them to wake up, I can't. What I CAN do is live, breathe and show by example. See photos below of meals I have cooked and prepared.

First a few facts.

1) You can't outrun or out workout bad food and beverage choices

You might run a lot of miles, hit the gym and burn a lot of calories, but that doesn't equate to eating whatever. This DOES mean that you can eat quality calories. Like organic fresh vegetables, fruit, lean, farm-raised meat, nuts, water. This is how your body can recover. This is how your body feels alive and full of energy.

2) What you eat or don't eat DOES matter

Does your food come from a box, can, wrapper or package? Have you read the ingredients on the labels? Boxed cereal is not a health food. Other then foods like Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, whole food bars (like Lara Bar, KIND Snacks or Bearded Brothers), I try to avoid all packaged food completely. If you had a good workout, that doesn't mean you can "reward" yourself with a donut or burger or ____ (your choice). Look, I know it is challenging to avoid packaged food. If you do have to buy boxed/packaged/canned food, be diligent to read the labels. What you eat does matter. Make wise, healthy choices!

3) Water IS important (not sports drinks)

You might run a lot of miles, hit the gym and sweat a lot. Yes, this includes sports drinks. 99 percent of the population doesn't need a sports drink and IF you do workout, that means you want to hydrate your body WITHOUT food dyes and toxins. Water is the best option. Add chia seeds for natural, pure energy. Also, stop drinking soda. You already know it's not good for you. Don't fight the facts.

4) Don't justify calories burned

When you had a quality workout, you can feel entitled to eat whatever. Remember this: you burn calories to live, not to eat (whatever). Resist temptation and opt for real, whole food. Your body will thank you.

People might wonder why they workout and still feel like crap. WELL, they are feeding their bodies crap! You have to eat healthy for life. Want to prevent disease? Eat for health. Want to have energy? Eat for health. Want to have clear skin? Eat for health.

If you buy packaged food, read the labels. Most meats are filled with nitrates, fake sugar and other toxins. Applegate Farms is a good choice for meat if you typically buy deli meats.

Be aware with the food you eat. Only you can be in control of your health. 

Here are some meals that I have cooked recently. I love buying fresh vegetables! Eat with pure, natural, whole food. You will feel fantastic!!

So there you have it. You see how and what I eat. I only drink water. And I train, race and live on this health plan. You can too :).