Today is Valentine's Day. Some of you might need this gentle reminder. Others of you are well aware of the day. Perhaps you are single, going through a divorce, your spouse might be deployed or for other reasons you are alone. In college the yearly joke on campus was "Single Awareness Day" or SAD.  While it was kind of funny, the truth is that we ARE loved by God no matter what our relationship status is. If your attitude towards Valentine's Day is SAD, you've got to change you perspective on it. There is no sense in moping around, feeling sorry for yourself and down in the dumps. Get up, go spread some love and you'll feel so much better. Being sad just hurts you. On Saturday, I wrote seven different ways to put your love in motion. Give it a read. In the meantime, don't give love a bad rap!

While Valentine's Day can sometimes be known as a Hallmark Holiday, don't use that excuse NOT to send a card to someone. Everyone likes to receive mail - especially with our increasing use of interaction with screens vs. faces. Use February 14 to spread love. Show love. Be the love.

Single? Married? Dating? Show your love every day, but use Valentine's Day to express it in a extra special way.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?


Photo credit: Lida Rose