I'm disgusted. And saddened. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. The last few days Twitter (and the media) has been abuzz with - and I hesitate to even write his name - Charlie Sheen. People have been retweeting and mentioning his handle beyond belief. Do these people not even stop to think about the ramifications of his actions? His kids? His addiction? Yes, it is an addiction. There is NO glory in breaking the record for getting a million followers in the least amount of time. I can't believe I am even writing about this. But I am. Why? In hopes that if you are reading this you will see the ridiculousness that it is.

If people would be as half as concerned about REAL causes in the world instead of gossip, the world would be a different place.

Before you RT that involves him or another celebrity train wreak, STOP. There is no reason to give these people the attention they so desprately seek. They need help. They need to face the fact that they are addicts and in need of a life change. Interviewing them 24/7, including their @ name in EVERY, stickin' tweet and mentioning them over and over again, well, it needs to stop.

I know you want to get on the bandwagon of "influence", but mentioning them in a tweet and RT-ing them, won't get you influence, it makes you look stupid.

Here is what you CAN do. The below causes are what its all about. RT them. Follow them. Donate. Get involved. Do something that will actually make a difference. Help the people that actually want help and don't have a voice. You can be a REAL celebrity. Or just someone who cares and wants to help people.

Orange Laces (Running programs for schools) Follow on Twitter

DC Central Kitchen (Feeding the homeless in DC) Follow on Twitter

Back On My Feet ( Taking homeless populations by engaging them in running to build confidence, strength and self-esteem) Follow on Twitter

Team World Vision (Change lives in Africa) Follow on Twitter

Team In Training (Help Chris Wilno beat cancer & help him reach his goal)

So, the next time you see something that mentions the subject, stop, breathe, take a swig of H2O and go help a real need. Go forth & be the light in the darkness!

Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who is passionate about REAL life, REAL causes and of course sweating. Stay in touch here.

Photo by:  Nick Harris