It was massage day. This isn't your typical relaxation - smell the roses - would you like chocolate with that - type of massage. No, the massages I receive are nail biting-see stars-pray for it to end - massages. Don't get me wrong. It is SO worth it when all is said and done. And my massage therapist is the best. He knows my muscles quite well by this point. (Note: there is a difference between pain and discomfort. This is the later. Pain during a massage is not beneficial. But that's a topic for another day. :)) The other day as he was working on my calves, he finally came to a dead stop. (I didn't complain.) And announced he was going to try a different approach. We've been working on this body part for MONTHS. And not much improvement has been made (guess running a million miles a week hasn't exactly helped things!) on them. So he had me turn on my side and he worked on them from that angle.

And here is the keyword: angle. As I was laying there on my side, I knew a life application was in the making.

How often do we spend countless time doing something and getting frustrated when results don't happen? Banging our head against the wall doesn't fix anything, but give us a headache. Perhaps if we face our problem from a different angle, things could change. When we change our approach to a problem, things suddenly take on a whole new outlook.

Maybe that angle is a positive perspective or looking at things from another person's point of view. Or asking God to help us. I don't know what you are facing or how you need to change your angle, but I can assure you this, that if you do approach things differently, your whole world could change. For the better. Things that you thought were hopeless is now hopeful. Things that you thought were dark now full of light. Things that were gloomy are now bright.

Things might not change overnight when you change your angle, but with time they just might. But when we change our angle to problems, can we then begin to grow & learn.

Does your angle need to change?

photo credit: mikebaird