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Inspired Living

Diet/Goals Part Two


Q: Do you start the week off by thinking that "this is the week I am going to not eat junk food, cut out sugar, drink more water, say no to coffee, and workout 5 days a week"? A: Raise hands :)

Ok, so, why do "we" fail with our GREAT intentions? Below are some reasons WHY (weren't you just dying to know this info? :))


#1) Too many goals at one time!

#2) Start SLOW!


#4) T0 succeed you must PLAN to succeed

#5) Make excuses (hard week, stressed, I "deserve" this ________ (fill in the blank)

#6) No support

Those are just a few of the reasons why our best intentions fail. Do you want to be successful? Go ahead, raise BOTH arms!!! YES!!!!! YOU CAN!!:)


THIS WEEK DO ONE of the following things:

#1) Define YOUR weekly goal (drink more water, less soda) really think about. What do you want? Will you be able to do it?

#2) Get sweaty for 30 minutes a day! Brisk walk, stair climber, jog, just MOVE!

#3) Set your clock 15 minutes before you usually wake up (yes, that is right). You will be surprised what those 15 minutes can do for your day ahead!

#4) Make a daily choice to make healthy choices (do I really need this 5th cup of coffee? Do I really need this cookie? Do I really need to stress about "this"?).

I hope these ideas sparked your interest & you are able to use them! Please let me know! Watch this week for more ways to make YOUR life HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT!!

Photo by lepiaf.geo