Dedication. What is it? Let me give you one example. It is always amazing to me how many people are at the beach with metal detectors in hand. Early in the morning. No matter the weather. All day. Dedicated to finding jewelry and coins! Think about it.

They don't know if they will ever find any. It could be just pennies or worthless trinkets. Or they may find something worth a lot. Whatever the outcome, these people are dedicated to the task at hand.

Ok, so how in the world does this apply to our life? Glad you asked:)

Life requires dedication. It requires hard work. We might not feel like it sometimes, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news but life is a 24/7 effort. Just like the metal detector people we too need to be dedicated to life. Or whatever we want.

Me? I want to be dedicated to living a life that helps others. Yes, there are times that I get tired. Or just don't feel like it. But then I get an email saying I changed their life. And that gets my butt back into action. Dedicated. Are you?

Photo by ingridtaylar

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