Dear Santa, I know you busy at the North Pole. Besides checking all the good boys and girls lists you're probably shoveling snow. Or do the elves do that? Anyway, I'm not your typical person. I like to sweat. I might not always be crazy about getting up at 4am six days a week (day seven I get to sleep in till 6am- go me) but its fun. Kind of like flying all over the world. Kind of.

Anyway, since you might not have heard of "gu" or "shot blocks" or "technical clothing" I thought I would give you a few suggestions. Call me your Ms. Claus. Or your wing lady. Yes, I went there.

#1) Food! I like cookies & milk too. However they are in the forms of flavors vs the actual treats. Honey Stinger, Nuun, Hammer Nutrition are good things to keep my tummy happy.

#2) Accessory's! Just like you I need to keep warm in the winter. So hats, gloves, masks, socks, shoe covers (for cycling) would really make my run & ride enjoyable. Just make sure the gloves & hats are "technical" so I don't keep the sweat on me ;)

#3) Watch! Anything Garmin makes is great. I need not write more. Just make sure its for my wist or bike, not a car!

#4) Jacket! A good windbreaker will make me nice & toasty on the coldest of days. Mountain Hardware has some awesome ones. Or Brooks Running, North Face or New Balance. Not that I looked or anything ;)

#5) Local gym or Masters Swim Class. Cross training is critical to my success as an athlete. Having access to weights, yoga, Pilates or a swimming pool would make me very happy.

#6) Don't chafe! Nothing is more painful then jumping into the shower and screaming so loud that you can hear me at the North Pole because I am chafed. Men have nipples. Women do too (everyone seems to forget about that obvious fact). And anywhere a seam is in contact with my skin is a prone spot to. So perhaps a lifetime supply of Body Glide is in order.

#7) Gift Cards. If you can't shop, its okay. I will gladly accept gift cards. Perhaps REI or my local running/cycling shop.

#8) Race Entry. Race fees are enormous. And if its a full Ironman, then let's just say that if I enter I will be begging for food before I even start training. So ask me what race(s) I am doing and you sign up (and pay) for me :)

#9) Safety! I want to be safe on the road. If something were to happen to me I want my friends or family to be able find me. RoadID makes this possible.

#10) Orange Laces. I want to make a statement. What better way to do that, then by wearing orange shoe laces? For just $10.00 they be mine. And this gift isn't just about it, it will help provide kids running programs (Orange Laces) in schools that don't have them. And that's what Christmas is all about right- spreading cheer & helping others!

So, Dear Santa (or his elves) I hope this list helps you. I can't wait to hear jingle bells and the swoosh of your sleigh. I hope you enjoy the Hemp Milk and Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies I will be leaving you ;)

With love and cheer,

A very excited & happy runner, triathlete or cyclist

Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who hopes that Santa will bring her a lifetime supply of athletic goodies so she can continue to help others. For more fun, sign up for her monthly e-newsletter.

Photo by Loren Javier