Dear Pastor Mike, You see, I am Jesus. Yes, you thought I was Sarah. But I am not. I wanted to see if you really help those who directly ask for help or if you are like most churches (and Christians for that matter) who only talk about helping. What was my request? A roof over my head.

And you stuck a crown of thorns on my head. And pierced my side.

My heart breaks. I died for everyone. For you. Without asking them to justify their need to me. Without them qualifying why they needed help. In fact they sinned. Some killed. Others told a lie. People mocked me. And spat upon me. But yet I died FOR them. But I gave MY life for them. Without questions. Without interrogation.

I wasn't in a small group. I was THE small group. I traveled the countryside doing good deeds. I turned water into wine. When a little boy brought his 5 loaves and 2 fish I fed the hungry. Over 5000 of them. I made miracles. I walked the talk. I helped people. If they presented a need, I was there for them. I didn't make them jump through hoops. Or suggest a link.

Your church states "Our doors and hearts are open to you..." or " Come join us. Make yourself at home....". Really? I knocked on your door. I shook your hand. And you slapped me in the face. Not once. Not twice. But THREE times. That hurt. Perhaps you knew I was Jesus. Perhaps you wanted to see if Jesus was real. Or if was just a rouse. Well, I am here to tell you buddy- He is real. And is very disappointed that a pastor AND a church that claims to welcome others is really a just a cruel joke. Wake up. Pay attention.

You could've had me as one of your ambassadors to help spread the Good News [as part of your church]. But you choose not too. Instead some other Christians reached out to me and welcomed me with open arms. They know the meaning of "open arms". Perhaps you should take a lesson from them.

I'll still be doing my job. But with a heavy heart that churches and pastors such as yourself are turning people away because they don't qualify. I will be praying that you wake up and start living what you preach. Because I know I am not the only one who has been frustrated by you [church and Christians in general].

In fact, I have added a new mission to my already packed plate. Speaking to churches and congregations and Christians (such as yourself) that you never know you might encounter. To treat EVERYONE like they are me (Jesus). I will speak about actions PLUS words. I'm sure you'll agree with me (I am God after all) that actions are the pinnacle of helping others.

Stop being a hypocrite. Start living what you preach. Which will be hard for you. But I have faith you can do it.

So the next time you push someone away, remember they could be Jesus. Or a influential person who will call your bluff faster then you can say "peace".

With love and forgiveness (and still praying for a roof over my head),


Sarah Stanley is a professional endurance athlete who also happens to be a Christian. And happens to believe in Jesus as well as actions + words = make a real difference. For more snarky wisdom and health inspiration from a REAL perspective, get the e-newsletter.

Photo by: Denis Collette