Dear class of 2011, You probably thought this day would never come. In fact, neither did your teachers. But here you are - walking across the stage to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

You might have dreams and visions of a perfect life ahead. Or you might not. The future might be scary for you. Or bright as the morning sun.

You might be thinking what now? Make money? Get a job? Pay off school debt if you just finished college? Go back and get your Masters? Sleep? One thing is for sure, no more Ramen!

But no matter what the future holds for you, I want you to know this:

That life isn't about money, the coolest car, the white picket fence or the iron gate. That life isn't perfect, but learning to deal with the imperfections is far better than complaining.

May you know that when all hope seems lost, that there is a God who loves you. That you will never walk alone when He is in your life. May you have patience when you want to scream and toss in the towel. May you know that the greatest thing you can do with your life is help others. May you have the heart to serve. To be real. To know that making a difference doesn't mean you have to change the entire world, but one soul. For that soul will go forth and impact others.

Whether you get your dream job or not, that life goes on. Remember to be a good friend. To build people up, not down. To speak with kindness. Be happy and always wear a smile. And may you always have a love for life and a thirst for continued learning.

To the next amazing chapter in your life!

Love, me

Photo by: mikebaird